Design Process

Before the designing starts, a concept meeting is held to discuss the project and create a project brief.  Information gathering is the first and most critical step of the design process.  The information gathered will assist in understanding the key themes and messages you are
wanting to deliver. Some of the questions that will be asked in the concept meeting are:


  • Do you have a mission statement? If yes, what is it?
  • Do you have a tagline/slogan? If yes, what is it?What is your elevator pitch? (what you say when someone asks you "what does your business do?")
  • Who are your competitors?
  • Who is Your target audience?:
  • Do you have specific colours that you would like to see within the logo/branding?
  • What are 3-10+ keywords of the first impression you would like to make to a new viewer when viewing your logo/branding -what emotions or reactions do you want your logo to evoke? (ex.: bright, professional, friendly)
  • What are two logos/brands/publications/websites (and their websites) that you admire for inspiration for your design and indicate the specific reason why you like them.


Depending on the size of the project, milestone payments and a contract agreed upon before work commences.



After all of the required information is gathered, it is reviewed which provides direction for further research.   This research involves an analysis of competitors, the current market, the product or service being delivered and the history and future of the business.



Taking into account of what is learned through the research conducted, design and functionality criteria is established.  This strategy is usually run past you to get approval or refinement before the time is invested in the design phase to ensure we are hitting the mark.



Once a clear strategy is agreed upon, your publication, website, logo or marketing materials are brought to life through text and visual art.  Mind mapping, free writing and layout creation are the tools I use to develop a concept. Using these methods, several concepts are developed until the right one is decided upon to proceed with.



Once the first draft design is created, it will be sent to you via email for your comment usually in a PDF format (or url in the case of web design). This is your opportunity to provide feedback about what you like and what changes you would like to see within the design, if any. The design is then refined until we have the perfect end result that represents your business philosophy.



This is the exciting day where your print or web media is exposed to the world. Whether it be sent to the printers or uploaded to a live server. I can launch your site for you or even organise the printing of your print media.



The hard work is done and this is when we high five and admire what we have just created! All files and relevant materials are handed over and a final invoices is sent for the works completed.


Follow Up

Within 5 business days I will follow up with you to see how things are going and whether there are some after thoughts you may have or new projects you want to begin working on. I understand creativity comes at unusual times so we are available 24/7 and will get back to your emails inquiries asap.




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